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LEC Care Solutions is a Trinidad and Tobago-based company which provides care management solutions to older people and people living with long-term illness and disabilities who reside in the Caribbean.  

The company is led by its founder and director Marcia Celestine, a psychotherapist and former social worker who has more than two decades of experience working with older people and families both in the Caribbean and the United Kingdom.

Our main focus is to assist caregivers and relatives to support their loved ones in a way that best suits their needs and enables them to enjoy their best lives. 

Persons living overseas who have caring responsibilities for relatives or loved ones who reside in the Caribbean, may find it difficult to effectively screen and monitor the caregivers they hire. Through our services, we enable such persons to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that there is someone based locally looking after the welfare of their loved ones with compassion and professionalism.

LEC Care Solutions advocates for people to age in a healthy, happy way and to live wholesome lives. To this end, we are keen to assist older people to proactively prepare for later life by working with them to anticipate and plan for their care needs long before those needs may arise.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, all LEC Care Solutions’ staff are fully appraised of and will observe the relevant safety protocols in the execution of their duties.


We'll take care of them

LEC Care Solutions will launch its products and services in late 2021.

Our suite of services include:

Care Assessment & Management

Specialist Referrals

Chaperone Services

Support to Prevent Social Isolation

Adult Day Care and Activity Centre

Provision of Home Care

Support to Transition into Residential Care

Support to Attend Appointments and Activities Outside of the Home

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